Installing Pure-Data.

Pure-Data is a very beautiful software written by Miller Puckette and others. Folkloro`s attempt to combine "Musique concrète" and "Aleatory music" is possible with this software that needs to be installed in your computer.

Pure-Data is free software (and open source) and it can be installed on Windows, macOS and Linux.

For more info on this software visit


Download the latest “Stable” version from, pick the “installer” version.

Run the installer.
When finished run Pd.
On first run the firewall will ask you access permission. Accept.


You can go to Sound Test.


Download the latest “Stable” version from
Run it.

You can go to Sound Test.


Download the latest “Stable” version (source) from

Open a Terminal and install the ALSA pkg:

sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev

When finished close the terminal.

Uncompress your downloaded Pd source. Navigate to the “src” folder. Open a terminal at the "src" folder.
Type to start compiling:

make -f makefile.gnu

When finished open the pd-xx.xx-x/bin folder.
Double-click on “Pd”

You can go to Sound Test.

Sound Test.

Make sure that your computer volume is not loud, preferably very soft (you are surely familiarized on how to control the computer level and probably your external speakers) normally a button near the clock with a speaker icon. Here some images on mac, windows and linux:

Run Pd and go to the menu Media / Test Audio and MIDI...

Take away the headphones from your ears!!!
Don't use headphones!!!

Take away the headphones from your ears!!!
Don't use headphones!!!

Take away the headphones from your ears!!!
Don't use headphones!!!

Press the “80” button (in the “testtone.pd” window) and slowly increase the volume of your computer until you clearly hear a tone similar to the telephone before dialing. (if you use headphones, be careful when you are putting them back in your ears, I insist.)

While listening to these records the first volume level will be your computer one (speaker icon), then outside your computer, you may have speakers (check that they are switched on and their volume) or your computer may be connected to an audio system (in this case you know what to do).

Surely with this test you've heard the tone and you know how to adjust the volume when listening to these records. You can close the “testtone.pd” window.

You can do File / Open and select your “folkloro.pd” to start listening to the album.

Additional notes:

##-- If you have more than one sound card select which one Pd will use with the menu Media / Audio settings...

##-- On Windows you might want to use the ASIO driver. Go to the menu Media / ASIO (via portaudio).

Change the delay to 6ms, block size to 256 and select the ASIO driver of your soundcard. Then press "Save All Settings".

##-- On some Windows versions as “Home” or “Starter” you might not get sound or find other inconveniences. Before “giving up” try opening Pd with the “Run as Administrator” option. For this right-click on Pd's icon and select "Run as Administrator".